Monday, April 30, 2007


I love shoes ... LOVE them. ... I was just going through fashion quotes on Fashion IQ and this was one of the best:

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had one thousand and sixty.”
~ Imelda Marcos

For me, it's more like "I don't have 200 pairs of shoes ... I have 75." But you know, it's close enough haha ... I'm obsessed.

I didn't used to be ... then I caught the shoe bug from Carrie on Sex and the City. ... Let's blame her.

Anyway, I decided to look for some cute shoes ... then I realized ... there are some UGLY shoes out there!!! Look at or ... and they're just ... nasty haha ... But going through these sites, there are some adorable ones out there. ... Let's start with for now.

These have to be the cutest soccer cleats I've ever seen:
Baron soccer cleats ~ Mitre ~ $39.99 ~

I actually like these ... only in the turquoise though. ...
Jacinda sandals ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $169.99 ~

I don't care if they're by Jessica Simpson. ... I love them.
Peers dress sandals ~ Jessica Simpson ~ $79.99 ~

These are just adorable ... of course in pink!
Lancer dress pumps ~ Joan&David ~ $234.99 ~

I love these ... And for once in my life, I don't like them in pink. ... I love them in black and like them in white ... but that color pink is kinda nasty.
Gibson dress pumps ~ Joey O ~ $124.99 ~

Love these in blue. ... So sleek and pretty!
Carrie pumps ~ Guess ~ $89.99 ~

That's all you're gettin for now. ... I might post more later haha ... I actually have work to do!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Handbags and dresses ... Gotta love 'em

So, I was looking at this dress wondering why I liked it so much.

Printed Tunic Dress ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $385 ~ Neiman Marcus

Then I looked at the designer and realized JUST how much I ADORE Betsey Johnson. … LOVE her.

Also, I have been eying these handbags for a WHILE now … LOVE them. … Probably the best inventions EVER. … I keep going to the Coach store at Village Point and drooling over them. … If you know anyone who would like to buy them for me, please do. … I am broke and can not afford them. :)

Straw Basket (I like the white one) ~ Coach ~ $258 ~ Coach

Hamptons Weekend Demi Satchel ~ Coach ~ $178 ~ Coach

Of course, every girl needs a keychain. … This one … TOTALLY me! … And it supports The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. … Always a plus, of course!

Pink Coach Multi-Charm Keyfob ~ Coach ~ $58 ~ Coach

Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is where it all begins ...

So, I've been sitting here at work for the past couple weeks reading other fashionistas' blogs. ... I agree with a LOT of them. But then again, there are some that I don't agree with at ALL ... so, I got to thinking ... Maybe I should make my OWN blog. ... Yes, I will. So, here, let's start. :)

So, I'm about to go to Houston ... starting over, getting out of the Air Force, and *hopefully* going to school for fashion and retail management at The Art Institute of Houston. ... Fun stuff, right? I'm SO excited!

Anyway, I started out typing "Houston Fashion" in Google. ... it came up with all these pages about fashion shows, a whole style section in The Houston Chronicle, fashion designers, and a whole huge list of shops and boutiques.

NOW, when I typed in "Omaha Fashion" (which is where I am now), the first thing it came up with ... was ... drumroll please ... THE DRY CLEANERS! Yay! ... So exciting (*cough cough*) ... the next thing it came up with was a Steak Store (yes, steaks are very fashionable. I'm sure everyone in New York would agree with THAT!). ... The next one seemed very promising at the beginning ... then I went to the site and re-read the name and noticed that it was actually pretty obvious that this actually described the place I live now to a T ... Ducati Omaha Fashion Night ... in other words ... a fashion show for ... MOTORCYCLES. ... Yes, I need to leave. ... Now!!!

Now, enough with my venting, onto the fashion. ... The Chronicle site is VERY promising. ... I'm excited to go to Houston just to shop haha (does that sound bad? I'll be broke when I get there, anyway. ... I'll just look ...) The first thing I saw was a link to Lot 8. ... Now, people, THIS is what I'm TALKING ABOUT! ... It's a little shop in Rice Village owned by fashion designer Chloe Dao, who was on season two of Project Runway. (Not only was she on it ... she was the WINNER!) After going to her website, I realized, not only does she have great taste in clothes, but she is a great designer. ...

Off-Shoulder Mini-dress ~ Chloe Dao ~ $178 ~ Lot 8

I'm loving this off-shoulder mini-dress. I love the belt ... and I usually don't like things like this, BUT, when I opened the page full of thumbnails, it was the one that caught my attention. ... That means it would catch the most attention at a party. ... That's always the best choice :)

I clicked on an article in the Chronicle "Men Know Women's Shoes" ... because that seemed like an absurd comment to me. ... So, what was the FIRST thing that came up when I clicked on it? Eeekkkers I love them hehe

*WOW* ... I *LOVE* them. ...Then I realized they were talking about Badgley Mischka and I wasn't surprised. ... 20 years in the industry, they BETTER know women's shoes!!! Going to their website, I almost DIED it's so gorgeous. The dresses, the collections, the accessories, OH MY!!!

Here's another vent ... You wanna know what I HATE? ... Stores without websites. ... Another thing I HATE? When you want to show people something you bought, and the store DOES HAVE a website, but it is NOWHERE on the site. ... That sucks. Here are a few other things I love:

Dresses like this are adorable

Silk Trim Minidress ~ Twelfth Street ~ $195 ~ Neiman Marcus

I LOVE the whole shorts/big flowy top combo :)

Swirl Top and Belted Shorts ~ Vivienne Tam ~ $295 and $195 ~ Neiman Marcus

Ooohhhh it's 2 of my favorite things together: dresses and polka dots!!!

Polka Dot Charmeuse Puff Sleeve Dress ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $295 ~ Betsey Johnson Official Store

I think this is adorable! I'd love it in pink!!!

Charmeuse V-Neck Mini Dress/Tunic ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $305 ~ Betsey Johnson Official Store

I do ADORE this dress!!! ... If it wasn't for the price, this would be at the top of my "Gotta have" list!!!

Silk V-Neck Dress ~ Michael Kors ~ $1,595 ~