Sunday, July 8, 2007

I hate moving!!!

SOOOO much has happened lately! I haven't been able to catch up on ANY blogs and I'm so sad about that! So much has changed ... and I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life at the moment. ... I would like to be a stylist. ... BADly. ... But right now, things are a little crazy over here. I'll come back tomorrow with a big post (I promise this time! No more leaving and coming back weeks later! ...)

Anyway, thanks for your comments, everyone! I'm working on a new blog right now. When i finally get up and running again, this blog will be better than ever!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Just to let everyone know...

I'm in the process of moving. When I get to where I'm moving, I will continue with this blog, but right now, my life is a little scattered. While I'm away (which will, hopefully, only be until Monday), head on over to Lulu's Fashion Lounge and pick up some stuff with my 15% discount (AGIRLCANDREAM)! :)


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Come one, come all to Lulu's Fashion Lounge...

Now that the two people that actually read this blog think I have fallen off the face of the Earth, I'm back with my post, as promised, about Lulu's Fashion Lounge. *REMEMBER* my coupon code is still good through July 15 ... just type "AGIRLCANDREAM" in the coupon code box and you will get a 15% discount! :) THAT is a great deal! I'm tellin ya!!!

Alright so on with my picks ... I'm putting together an outfit in this blog. Let's start with a dress. I'm very very fond of dresses. I love them. I am wearing one now ... I've actually worn this same dress for 3 days now but don't tell anyone. But honestly, when you're in a uniform all day then you come home to change, it doesn't really matter if you wear the same thing you wore the day before ... because if you think about it, you're only going to be in it for a few hours. Usually, you wear an outfit all day long ... you put it on at about 7 when you're getting ready for work, after work you go out and get stuff done, you don't get back until about 8 or 9 at night ... you've been in that outfit for 14 hours and you've been running around all day. ... But when you wear a uniform, you have to change after work, so you put on another outfit around 5 ... then you're only in it for a few hours before you have to go to bed ... So 3 days adds up to those 14 hours so everyone is equal. :)

Now that I've gone completely off subject (and I actually don't like reading long blogs so this isn't good haha) ... let's get back to my blog. ...

THIS DRESS ... when I went to Lulu's the first time, THIS is the dress I fell in *LOVE* with ... it was like love at first sight!!! I don't even know why ... but I'm in love with it!!!

Lots A Dot Halter Dress ~ Y Apparel ~ $39.00 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Now, you will need some accessories to go with that dress. For me personally, I like to mix it up. I'd probably choose the following:


Bow Tie Handbag (in pink) ~ $21.00 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge


Beaded Earrings (in teal) ~ Round & Round We Go ~ $10 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge


Justlove Bone Lace Wedge ~ Kenzie ~ $70 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Here are some other things that would look cute with it:

I'm not really a ring person, but if I was, I could totally rock one of these with the dress:

Bejeweled Heart Ring ~ $4.00 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

I'm not much for chunky necklaces when I'm trying to show off some cleavage, either ... but if you are, one of these may work:

Retro Disco Ball Necklace ~ $12.00 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

It was a hard choice between these and the earrings I chose. I ended up choosing the others because these were a little too chunky for me.

Colored Hoops (The green in the top left corner, the blue in the top right corner, or the brown in the bottom right corner) ~ Zad ~ $8.00 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

And another choice for the shoes... I chose the ones I did because they just slightly pulled the color from the dress in a way that I love. However, these would have been an amazing choice ... BUT ... if you remember, I don't like flats haha ... But these are still adorable!

Kizmit Green Jeweled Flats ~ Steve Madden ~ $67.00 ~ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I hate drAAAma!

I know, I know, I said Monday … and it's now Thursday. … I've had a lot going on in my personal life, but I'm back now.

First, let me say thanks to the lovelies at Pumps and Gloss for mentioning me in their blog! They also tagged me! I'll get to that in a second.

Also, my lovely readers can get a 15% discount at Lulu's Fashion Lounge from now until July 15 by typing "AGIRLCANDREAM" in the coupon code box at the checkout! YAY! :) I'm going to make a blog about them in a little bit. I fell in love with several items over there! Thanks Colleen!!!

Alright, now onto the rest of this blog!

The Rules:

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Here are the 7 random facts about me :):

1. I'm a MySpace Whore. I'm ALWAYS on there!
2. I'm about to move to Houston … 2 more weeks!!! Crazy, I can't believe it!
3. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 5 years - from when I was 13 until I was 18. No, my parents aren't military. My stepdad works for a chemical company over there. I was over there when 9/11 happened. If you want to know more to that story, you can ask me about it :)
4. Carrie Bradshaw started my shoe obsession! If it wasn't for her, I'd still have only a few flip flops and a pair of sneakers. I also probably wouldn't have this blog right now. … It's amazing what a TV series can do!
5. I can never ever find the right words. If I said something and you were offended or hurt by it, or it wasn't what you were expecting of me, I probably just said something wrong. ... Just forgive me and blame me and forget I said it. I didn't mean it. Honest.
6. I'm kind of afraid of commitment. ... I push guys away a lot, even though I don't mean to. ... I'm just ... too scared.
7. I'm bad at keeping up with things (this blog, for example haha) ...

Alright now for the people I'm tagging. ... Since applediva (and friends haha) tagged ME, I can't get her again. ... Samida, shoegal, The Fashionista ... uhh I'll think of more and add them later! I'm supposed to be gone like an hour ago!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Out of town

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know I'll be out of town to a wedding in Michigan this weekend. I'll be back Monday!!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lists of Necessities

Since I'm a very forgetful person, I have a very hard time remembering to bring things places with me. I am also a very lazy person, so I don't change purses as much as I should. I just don't like having to decide what I do and don't need to transfer. AND since I'm in the Air Force, I HAVE to carry a PLAIN, SOLID black or brown purse with me (no decorations, no embellishments, no NOTHING). Since that purse is so big and ugly, I don't mind it when it gets all messy, but I don't like digging through it. I also hate leaving my house and realizing I forgot something.

This started out just being for me. I was going to send myself a list of things I needed and go shopping for whatever I didn't have already. Then I thought … if I can't find these lists in one, easy to find place, I bet there are other people out there looking for the same thing! Then I figured you would all love it if I posted my list, so here we are. These are things I use all the time. If you have other things you would like to add, please go ahead and comment. These are lists of what I believe are necessities, but they can be tailored how you see fit. I just thought I would give you a guideline.


The first is very simple. It's what you need to keep in your purse at all times. Most of this stuff does come in small sizes (Try the Miss A Kit from - which is one of my favorite sites by the way. It has a lot of this in it!) Trust me … it might look like a lot, but it's really not.

1. Keys (Of course!)
2. Cell phone (another necessity)
3. Wallet (with money, credit/debit cards, ID's…)
4. Mints/gum (either will do. Just make sure you have them.)
5. A pen (SERIOUSLY … How many times have I been asked "Do you have a pen I can borrow?" and never had one on me? Way too many to count.)
6. Makeup bag (with at LEAST a mirror, powder, blush, mascara and some kind of lip stuff)
7. Hairbrush, hair defrizzer (travel size, of course) and some kind of ponytail holders (preferably that match your hair color. Bright blue or pink won't give you a polished look unless you have bright blue or pink hair. … Then you can have as many bright blue or pink ponytail holders as you would like.)
8. Nail file (A MUST! You don't know HOW MANY TIMES I've broken a nail and not had something to smooth the rough edges, so I ended up biting my nail off just because I didn't want it to catch anything … then that turns into a whole new problem…)
9. Band-Aids (We all know what those are for)
10. Safety pins (Just incase! They can hold ANYTHING together for a short period of time. Have you ever been in a random place and had someone ask if you had a safety pin they could borrow? I have. Several times.)
11. Anti-bacterial wipes and something to take stains away (I don't know if I should put these on the same number… but they both keep you clean. And can be used for a VARIETY of reasons)
12. Tampons/pads… whatever you use. Always keep a supply.
13. Blotting paper. I don't care what brand you use. Just as long as it'll take the grease away.
14. A little thing of perfume or body spray (they sell the sample sizes … those are perfect for forgetful people.)
15. Toothpicks or dental floss (Just incase)
16. A travel size bottle of lotion (If you use the hand sanitizer or soap in public restrooms, it can dry out your hands. Always keep a small bottle of lotion on hand.)
17. A little sewing kit (My mom bought me one for Christmas last year. It's about the size of a little compact and has the necessities - just incase!)
18. You might also want to keep a little pack of pills (Tylenol, Advil… something to make headaches go away. Just don't OD.)
19. Super glue (for a quick fix for anything … I don't get broken heels that often, but last time I did, I cursed myself for not having super glue on me!)
20. If you're active, condoms. (Seriously. Very much needed. You all know why. … Just make sure to keep them hidden. You don't want those falling out all over the place. They do sell cute little boxes for them, as well as your tampons.)

IF you have a TINY purse or you are going out and don't want to carry a purse, the MAIN essentials are:

1. Car key (I keep the rest of my keys hidden in my car. I don't know if this is a good idea, but as long as you can get INto your car, you're good. BUT I have like a gazillion keys on my keychain. I can't fit them all in my pocket.)
2. ID, money, and credit/debit cards - MAKE SURE YOU TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY. Keep it on you at all times.
3. Cell phone (Of course)
4. If you can fit it, lip gloss. At least.


Next is a list of things you should keep in your car. Most of these things can be kept hidden in your trunk. Just make sure you have them on you. This list is not as thought out as the purse one was, so if you can think of anything else, I'll totally add it!

1. Registration and insurance (for obvious reasons)
2. Extra change (mainly quarters. Maybe a couple dimes and nickels, too)
3. Extra straws and napkins (Don't you hate it when they forget to put those in when you get fast food?)
4. A little trash can or something to put trash in (That way you don't have to throw it in your car)
5. My mom used to keep little packets of crackers in the glove compartment for me just incase I got hungry. They came in handy when she didn't want to stop. Keep a little food in your car - just incase. … But please, PLEASE … no chocolate!
6. Sunglasses (I don't really like sunglasses because of the marks they give you, but sometimes, you just really need them.)
7. A first aid kit (always good to have around)
8. Towels (For several reasons. If someone riding with you gets car sick, if you need to give a ride to your drunk friend, if someone eats in your car…)
9. Spare tire (Seems simple, but some people don't have one.) … and while you're at it, everything you need to fix a flat tire. (There is a list at the bottom of that page that says what you need.)
10. A flashlight
11. Bottled water (Just incase. If you have a nifty little cooler between the seats like my mom does, you can keep it cold in there. If not, just keep it in the trunk or something.)
12. It might sound weird, but a copy of The Modern Girl's Guide to Life by Jane Buckingham or something like it. It tells you everything you need to know about car troubles you might have.
13. Maps or an atlas
14. Blankets
15. Jumper cables (Trust me, you need them. If you don't know how to work them, call a friend or learn now. It will help you in those situations when it's 4 in the morning and it's just you and your equally girly best friend trying to figure out what these things are supposed to attach to. Not that I've had experience with that or anything. … Thank GOD for random guys who stay up until 4 AM just waiting for 2 hot girls to call and ask for help on how to jump start a car… haha Totally kidding. I don't think he stayed up for us.)
16. A little tool kit
17. Tissues
18. An umbrella (I'm bringing up my mom again… she used to keep one under each seat. If there is more than one person in the car, it's easier for everyone to have their own.)
19. Another thing my mom bought me is a little kit that has everything you need incase you get into an accident. It has things like a pen and paper (to write your information down with), a flashlight, a little disposable camera, and other things that might help if you get into an accident. One of those kits are very good to have.
20. Batteries

During different seasons, you should keep different things in your car. Here's my lists:

WINTER ~ Salt … and not the kind you put on your food. Road salt. To melt ice.
Snow shovel
Ice scraper
Hat, scarf, gloves … Just incase you forget.
Make SURE those blankets are in your car!

SUMMER ~ Keep a beach bag handy. Make sure you have the following:
Sunscreen (Always important)
A beach towel
A swimsuit
A book/magazine
A disposable camera (Don't keep a digital camera in your car…)

You should also keep 2 bags in your car. A random bag and a gym bag. Here is what you should keep IN those bags.

The random bag (pack this as if you were going sleep over at a friend's house. Remember that? When you were little? Or maybe you still do it now. Either way, that's how you pack it.):

1. A complete change of clothes (incase something happens … What if you spill something? What if you're at work and everyone decides to go to the bar next door and you don't have time to go home and change? ~ yes, this has happened to me.) … I just keep it simple. Jeans and a cute t-shirt with a couple cute accessories… Just don't forget the undergarments!
2. A pair of white or black shoes (or both. … What happens if your heel breaks? … Make sure the shoes go with most of your wardrobe. That's why I say white or black.)
3. Dr. Scholl's inserts (Or whatever brand you want. … You just want to keep them on hand JUST INCASE your shoes get a little TOO uncomfortable.)
4. Hair smoothing product
5. An extra toothbrush and toothpaste (You never know)
6. A hoodie or jacket

The gym bag:

1. Gym clothes (tank tops, t-shirts pants, shorts…)
2. Tennis shoes
3. A sports bra
4. Extra underwear
5. Deodorant (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS. … It will melt when it's hot outside. Keep it somewhere cool or make sure it's liquid or gel.)
6. Everything you need to take a shower (body wash, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, a towel) … unless you plan on spending way too much time in the shower at the gym, I wouldn't take shaving stuff.
7. Body spray
8. Anything you usually use to do your hair or makeup. BUT make sure there are no aerosol cans. If you keep them in a hot car, they can explode. Also don't keep too much makeup in the bag. It can also melt in hot weather. (unless, of course, you have one of these)
9. An MP3 player/iPod (If you're like me and listen to your iPod on the road, that's fine. Just make sure you keep headphones in your gym bag. Because an iPod is pretty useless without a way to listen to it.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Why do I hate department stores?

I have no idea why, but every time I hear the name of a department store, it kind of makes me cringe. I don't know what it is.

Maybe it is the fact that when I was younger, my mom used to take me into them so she could buy her expensive old lady suits to wear to work. … Maybe it's that every time I walk into JC Penny at the mall here, the first thing I see is granny panties, full coverage bras, and ugly big luggage. Maybe it's that everything is so mass produced that when I shop there, it makes me feel like everyone else in the world owns the same outfit. BUT, if that was the problem, why do I have no problem shopping at stores like Target, Charlotte Russe and Aeropostle? I don't understand!

Come to think of it, before I worked at Target, I rarely bought clothes from there. I'm trying to think of where all my clothes came from before. I think mostly Charlotte Russe, Aeropostle, and other stores like that in the mall. Usually from the sale racks.

Actually, the only stores I really ADORE shopping in are the little boutiques. I just love it that they're so inviting and usually don't have many people in them. They also don't usually have a huge selection of mass produced clothing that everyone and their sister have.

Anyway, back to my hatred of department stores. I was reading blogs (catching up from the past week and a half!) and I came across The Budget Fashionista's blog about Macy's and how they put their name on almost every department store. When I think of Macy's, I think of Miracle on 34th Street. I think of huge spaces with entirely too many unflattering things to choose from. I think of my mom's old lady business suits. I think a lot of nasty hangers full of plain, ugly, unoriginal clothes. Not a store I want to shop in.

Maybe I'm just being naïve. Maybe it's just in my head. Either way, I don't like department stores.

HOWEVER, I have never been to Saks or Norstrom or Neiman Marcus. Maybe those would change my mind. I also *LOVE* the shoe closet in Von Mahr. That is an exception to my no department stores rule.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

New layout, new loves...

So, I got a new layout. ... Let me know if you like it. Yes, I am aware I am a dork and take pictures of myself way too much ... but hey, it was fun. :-P The swimsuit in the header is from Agua De Coco by Liana Thomaz. The first time I went to the website, I fell in LOVE with the first swimsuit that appeared on my screen. You should go see.

So, while I was gone, I caught up on blogs through feeds at work. I was following the Fashion Binge party and found out about Soundgirl. I fell in *LOVE* right away. Their clothes are absoLUTEly adorable. I normally don't wear hoodies. I have now decided that I don't wear hoodies unless they are from Soundgirl.

While looking for someplace to find the ridiculously adorable clothes, I came across my new favorite store in this little state we call Nebraska. It's called Kajoma's. If you live anywhere around the Omaha area, it's this little boutique at the corner of 84th and 1st street in Papillion. They have been open almost a year and I am SO upset it took me this long to find it! Since I found it, I have bought three things. (Yes, three. ... I don't have enough money to buy the whole store like I would love to do.) The first was a soundgirl hoodie (of course, because that is what I went there for). I couldn't find a picture of it, but it's grey with a maroon zipper and drawstring and inside the hood is white with little treble clefs inside of hearts (the Soundgirl logo), hearts, stars, music notes, lightning bolts, and little animal heads that look like tigers. You kinda have to see it, but it's ADORABLE.

I also bought a dress from Max and Cleo. I can't find a picture of that one either, and it's kind of hard to explain, but it's pretty and I got it in an extra small. I have never been an extra small! I also got it for 10% off because there was a little hole in the side, but I sewed it up and now it looks good and pretty. :)

The last thing I bought was a jacket from Nick and Mo. Yes, A jacket. I know, I know, I'm crazy, right? I'm aware that it is 80 degrees outside, but I couldn't pass this one up! It's a small and it's a little too small on me, but if I keep it open, it still looks good and I can rock it. Besides, it was on sale for $75 down from $135. I actually thought it was 75% off, but I was kinda wrong ... Oops. It was still an amazing buy. :)

Now that I've written all that and searched online for pictures of each item, it never occured to me ... I have a camera. ... I should just SHOW you, right? Yes. I should. ... Go me. ...

First is the hoodie. Here's a picture of the full thing.

And inside the hood

And the logo ... isn't it adorable?

Next is the dress.

And the jacket.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

I'm baaaaaaack!

Hey everyone this is just a quick update ... I was having MAJOR computer troubles, but now everything is fixed and I'm back. Thank you for all the e-mails and comments while I was away! Now I'm going to go put together a real blog ... so be looking for one later today!!! And maybe even a new layout! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This is what work does to me...

I was going through blogs and found a few things that really interested me.

1. The New Pink's blog on Pretty and Pink Nintendo Wii ~ I am now obsessed. ... I had never been to Colorware's site before, but now I'm hooked. I've been on it for a total of about 2 hours since I found it last night, looking at different color combinations for my ipod and trying to figure out ways to get money so I can get a hot pink ("fusion") laptop computer! ... It's like an addiction. ... I need to get away from it. ... Now. ... Helppp meeee

2. A Girl Must Shop's blog on Back With a Flash! ~ Another site I've never been to before and am now addicted to! Knowing my mom, if I get her a bag with my picture on it, she will carry it with her everywhere! ... I'm thinking about getting the placemats, though. ... One with my picture, one with my brother, one with my sister, and the last one with all three of us. ... She'll love it!!!

3. Capitol Hill Barbie's blog on Smooth Sailing ~ I completely understand what she means about being that busy!!! And my hair always ends up looking horrible by the end of the day!!! ... I should try the stuff. :)

4. Fashionologie's blog (well, blogs) on Costume Institute Gala 2007: Poiret, King of Fashion ... I love it that she posted so many! ... My favorites? Christy Turlington, Mary Kate Olsen, Cameron Diaz, Camilla Belle, Kate Bosworth (although I do not like the hair or the lips), Ashley Olsen

5. Fashionista's blog on Guess The Bag ~ I am not at all brand-savvy enough to do this, but it's still fun to look at and TRY to guess. ... Maybe you can do better than me. ... We can only hope ... (Also, she's looking for summer interns. ... Damn if only I really knew fashion trivia. ... Oh well I can learn :))

6. Couture Bowl's Drool Worthy Moment ~ I'd like to take a moment ... and drool, too.

7. The Budget Fashionista's blog on Beauty Advice: Where to find Insulated Cosmetic Bags ~ One of the greatest inventions ever! ... I was showing my co-worker (who is also a good friend of mine, Krystal) and she kept interrupting me. ... I was like "LOOK!" "ok ..." "It's a cosmetic bag ..." "Just what you need another one!" "No listen... that is insulated..." "THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED ONE!" Haha ... it was pretty funny ... but yeah so anyway I love it it's such a great idea!

8. Swish Style's blog on Fancy Feet ~ I think she's trying to kill me. ... I really do. ... I'm in love with them all. ... Especially the first one.

9. E-Stylist's blog on A Touch of Red ~ One of my favorite things ever is monotone outfits with a POP of color. ... I really like this one. ... Not completely perfect (I would have done different shoes and put the red somewhere other than the hand, as well ... a bracelet and a ring are just too
close together for me), but I would still love to steal the whole outfit. ... However, if you WOULD like perfection, check out her Forever 21 outfit. ... I'm in love with it ... and it's one of the cheapest she's done!

10. All of Frugal Fashionista's blogs ... I just reminded myself of how amazing they are. ... Absolutely amazing. ... Eeekkk!!!

And can I just say I *LOVE* Beauty Addict's rating/points system? It's wonderful!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's been a while...

So, I can't post at work anymore (*tear*) and I've been working at both jobs a LOT ... but here are a few updates...

Number 1: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Emma of The New Pink for the compliments about my blog. (They were e-mailed to me so you can't see them. ... So nah nah :-P ... Haha totally kidding. I'm in a weird mood.) Anyway, her blog is DEFINITELY going in my "Blogs I Love" section. You should check it out. ... Definitely worth a peeksie!

Number 2: I've been picking up TONS AND TONS of hours at Target ... Meaning I work 7 AM to about 11 PM ... Meaning when I don't work, I'm spending time with my friends ... Meaning less time online ... Meaning less updates ... Meaning ... I don't know. ... I just felt like saying "meaning" again ...

Number 3: Oh so important ... because it's what my blog is all about ... I GOT THEM ... 2 of the things I was DYING for ... That green handbag from Coach (This blog) and What I Like About You - The Complete First Season DVD (You don't need a link it was the one right before this and I'm lazy ... but here anyway because there are lazier people than me out there this blog)

That's all for now. ... I better go wash this mask off my face before it dries my skin out COMPLETELY. ...

Friday, May 4, 2007


I'm not really one to use slang or "text language" (you know, lol/ttyl/l8r ...) except an occasional "wtf?" or something ... but ...



WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU IS FINALLY ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I Like About You - The Complete First Season ~ $27.99 ~

You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I hate flats ...

HATE them. ... I can't walk in them. ... Most people can't walk in heels. I can't walk in flats. ... I have to wear combat boots to work. ... No one can understand how I can trip over my own feet in them, but the only time I've ever tripped in my heels is when I stepped on a crack or when I was drunk or something. I can't explain it. That's just how it is. ... I walk on my toes naturally. ... If I don't have something to prop my feet up, they don't work right. I don't like the feeling of not being as tall as I can be. ... I don't like the way they make my body look ... I'd rather look as lean as I can. ... With the best posture. ... Flats don't help me there.

But, if I DID like them, these are the ones I would buy.

These are gorgeous. ...
Jeweled Skimmer ~ Manolo Blahnik ~ $630 ~ Neiman Marcus

LOVE these too
Print Ballerina Slipper ~ Moschino Giraffe ~ $290 ~ Neiman Marcus

These ... absolutely adorable!!!
Canopy flats ~ Rebels ~ $49.95 ~ Nordstrom

These are way too cute. ... And polka dotty!!!
Rapture flats ~ Joie ~ $195 ~ Nordstrom

*Squeels* ABSOLUTELY gorgeous ... I love these!!! I might actually have to buy these just because I love them that much ... even though they're flat!!! (Crazy, huh?) *NOTE* I just saw some heels with the wedge in the same pattern. I might buy those instead :)
Landys flats ~ Chinese Laundry ~ $59.95 ~ Nordstrom

These are gorgeous. ... They're sparkly and they have a bow on them!!!
Ob ballet flats ~ Apepazza ~ $109.95 ~ Nordstrom

I actually had these up on my computer and a friend of mine came over here and she was like "OH HOW CUTE!!!" ... Yup, I agree.
Saucy slingbacks ~ Cindy Says ~ $79.95 ~ Nordstrom

*LOVE* Christian Louboutin. ... These are cute.
Baladi lace flats ~ Christian Louboutin ~ $570 ~ Net-A-Porter

These are adorable. ... You know, Urban Outfitters had some of the cutest shoes I've seen so far. ... Love these, though.
Striped Ballet shoes ~ Dru NY Lauren ~ $125 ~ Urban Outfitters

These are SO CUTE haha ... I think I just noticed ... I'm kinda a fan of teal shoes haha
Kristen Peep-Toe Wedge ~ $29 ~ dELiAs

Perfection. ... Again, if I liked flats. ......
Bow-Tie Ballet Flats ~ Pedro Garcia ~ $350 ~ Saks Fifth Avenue

OK, I swear I'm done. ... Looking at all these flat shoes makes me want to stand on my toes. ... I don't know why ... my feet just feel cramped.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What to wear, what to wear???

So, I don't know if you've noticed (You know, the two people who I've shared this blog with so far)...

But the "Blogs I Love" list has grown ... and gone through a name change. ... I've been blog-surfing all day. ... Fun stuff :)

Alright, so my friend's birthday is tomorrow and we're going out to celebrate on Saturday. ... I don't know what to wear ... she's wearing a black dress with a teal bow ... It sounds really cute ... so what should I wear?

I'm definitely pretty broke, so I guess I could go with what I have already, but where's the fun in that?

Let's start with Wet Seal ...

This one's really cute. ... I like it...
Solid Trim Dress ~ $24.50 ~ Wet Seal

That's the only Wet Seal one I saw that I actually really liked that would look good on me. ... Hmmm... Let's Try Charlotte Russe ...

Now this one is adorable, but maybe a little more than I was planning on spending ... Also, we're going out for Mexican. ... I don't know if white is the best choice ...
Eyelet Dress ~ $39.99 ~ Charlotte Russe

Again, the only one I found that I liked that would look good on me ... GRRR...

Here are a couple from J.Crew ... The only problem with them? They're too expensive. ... I'm sad :(

This one ... is SO CUTE ... But yes, too expensive right now :(
Printed Halter Embossed Beach Dress ~ $118 ~ J.Crew

This one is adorable ... I can wear just about any of the colors ... It's just so cute ... but out of my price range (I'd rather be below $30 ...)
Halter Embossed Beach Dress ~ $98 ~ J.Crew

I'll be back later to look more, but right now, I'm not having much luck. ... This is upsetting :(

Monday, April 30, 2007


I love shoes ... LOVE them. ... I was just going through fashion quotes on Fashion IQ and this was one of the best:

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had one thousand and sixty.”
~ Imelda Marcos

For me, it's more like "I don't have 200 pairs of shoes ... I have 75." But you know, it's close enough haha ... I'm obsessed.

I didn't used to be ... then I caught the shoe bug from Carrie on Sex and the City. ... Let's blame her.

Anyway, I decided to look for some cute shoes ... then I realized ... there are some UGLY shoes out there!!! Look at or ... and they're just ... nasty haha ... But going through these sites, there are some adorable ones out there. ... Let's start with for now.

These have to be the cutest soccer cleats I've ever seen:
Baron soccer cleats ~ Mitre ~ $39.99 ~

I actually like these ... only in the turquoise though. ...
Jacinda sandals ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $169.99 ~

I don't care if they're by Jessica Simpson. ... I love them.
Peers dress sandals ~ Jessica Simpson ~ $79.99 ~

These are just adorable ... of course in pink!
Lancer dress pumps ~ Joan&David ~ $234.99 ~

I love these ... And for once in my life, I don't like them in pink. ... I love them in black and like them in white ... but that color pink is kinda nasty.
Gibson dress pumps ~ Joey O ~ $124.99 ~

Love these in blue. ... So sleek and pretty!
Carrie pumps ~ Guess ~ $89.99 ~

That's all you're gettin for now. ... I might post more later haha ... I actually have work to do!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Handbags and dresses ... Gotta love 'em

So, I was looking at this dress wondering why I liked it so much.

Printed Tunic Dress ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $385 ~ Neiman Marcus

Then I looked at the designer and realized JUST how much I ADORE Betsey Johnson. … LOVE her.

Also, I have been eying these handbags for a WHILE now … LOVE them. … Probably the best inventions EVER. … I keep going to the Coach store at Village Point and drooling over them. … If you know anyone who would like to buy them for me, please do. … I am broke and can not afford them. :)

Straw Basket (I like the white one) ~ Coach ~ $258 ~ Coach

Hamptons Weekend Demi Satchel ~ Coach ~ $178 ~ Coach

Of course, every girl needs a keychain. … This one … TOTALLY me! … And it supports The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. … Always a plus, of course!

Pink Coach Multi-Charm Keyfob ~ Coach ~ $58 ~ Coach

Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is where it all begins ...

So, I've been sitting here at work for the past couple weeks reading other fashionistas' blogs. ... I agree with a LOT of them. But then again, there are some that I don't agree with at ALL ... so, I got to thinking ... Maybe I should make my OWN blog. ... Yes, I will. So, here, let's start. :)

So, I'm about to go to Houston ... starting over, getting out of the Air Force, and *hopefully* going to school for fashion and retail management at The Art Institute of Houston. ... Fun stuff, right? I'm SO excited!

Anyway, I started out typing "Houston Fashion" in Google. ... it came up with all these pages about fashion shows, a whole style section in The Houston Chronicle, fashion designers, and a whole huge list of shops and boutiques.

NOW, when I typed in "Omaha Fashion" (which is where I am now), the first thing it came up with ... was ... drumroll please ... THE DRY CLEANERS! Yay! ... So exciting (*cough cough*) ... the next thing it came up with was a Steak Store (yes, steaks are very fashionable. I'm sure everyone in New York would agree with THAT!). ... The next one seemed very promising at the beginning ... then I went to the site and re-read the name and noticed that it was actually pretty obvious that this actually described the place I live now to a T ... Ducati Omaha Fashion Night ... in other words ... a fashion show for ... MOTORCYCLES. ... Yes, I need to leave. ... Now!!!

Now, enough with my venting, onto the fashion. ... The Chronicle site is VERY promising. ... I'm excited to go to Houston just to shop haha (does that sound bad? I'll be broke when I get there, anyway. ... I'll just look ...) The first thing I saw was a link to Lot 8. ... Now, people, THIS is what I'm TALKING ABOUT! ... It's a little shop in Rice Village owned by fashion designer Chloe Dao, who was on season two of Project Runway. (Not only was she on it ... she was the WINNER!) After going to her website, I realized, not only does she have great taste in clothes, but she is a great designer. ...

Off-Shoulder Mini-dress ~ Chloe Dao ~ $178 ~ Lot 8

I'm loving this off-shoulder mini-dress. I love the belt ... and I usually don't like things like this, BUT, when I opened the page full of thumbnails, it was the one that caught my attention. ... That means it would catch the most attention at a party. ... That's always the best choice :)

I clicked on an article in the Chronicle "Men Know Women's Shoes" ... because that seemed like an absurd comment to me. ... So, what was the FIRST thing that came up when I clicked on it? Eeekkkers I love them hehe

*WOW* ... I *LOVE* them. ...Then I realized they were talking about Badgley Mischka and I wasn't surprised. ... 20 years in the industry, they BETTER know women's shoes!!! Going to their website, I almost DIED it's so gorgeous. The dresses, the collections, the accessories, OH MY!!!

Here's another vent ... You wanna know what I HATE? ... Stores without websites. ... Another thing I HATE? When you want to show people something you bought, and the store DOES HAVE a website, but it is NOWHERE on the site. ... That sucks. Here are a few other things I love:

Dresses like this are adorable

Silk Trim Minidress ~ Twelfth Street ~ $195 ~ Neiman Marcus

I LOVE the whole shorts/big flowy top combo :)

Swirl Top and Belted Shorts ~ Vivienne Tam ~ $295 and $195 ~ Neiman Marcus

Ooohhhh it's 2 of my favorite things together: dresses and polka dots!!!

Polka Dot Charmeuse Puff Sleeve Dress ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $295 ~ Betsey Johnson Official Store

I think this is adorable! I'd love it in pink!!!

Charmeuse V-Neck Mini Dress/Tunic ~ Betsey Johnson ~ $305 ~ Betsey Johnson Official Store

I do ADORE this dress!!! ... If it wasn't for the price, this would be at the top of my "Gotta have" list!!!

Silk V-Neck Dress ~ Michael Kors ~ $1,595 ~