Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This is what work does to me...

I was going through blogs and found a few things that really interested me.

1. The New Pink's blog on Pretty and Pink Nintendo Wii ~ I am now obsessed. ... I had never been to Colorware's site before, but now I'm hooked. I've been on it for a total of about 2 hours since I found it last night, looking at different color combinations for my ipod and trying to figure out ways to get money so I can get a hot pink ("fusion") laptop computer! ... It's like an addiction. ... I need to get away from it. ... Now. ... Helppp meeee

2. A Girl Must Shop's blog on Back With a Flash! ~ Another site I've never been to before and am now addicted to! Knowing my mom, if I get her a bag with my picture on it, she will carry it with her everywhere! ... I'm thinking about getting the placemats, though. ... One with my picture, one with my brother, one with my sister, and the last one with all three of us. ... She'll love it!!!

3. Capitol Hill Barbie's blog on Smooth Sailing ~ I completely understand what she means about being that busy!!! And my hair always ends up looking horrible by the end of the day!!! ... I should try the stuff. :)

4. Fashionologie's blog (well, blogs) on Costume Institute Gala 2007: Poiret, King of Fashion ... I love it that she posted so many! ... My favorites? Christy Turlington, Mary Kate Olsen, Cameron Diaz, Camilla Belle, Kate Bosworth (although I do not like the hair or the lips), Ashley Olsen

5. Fashionista's blog on Guess The Bag ~ I am not at all brand-savvy enough to do this, but it's still fun to look at and TRY to guess. ... Maybe you can do better than me. ... We can only hope ... (Also, she's looking for summer interns. ... Damn if only I really knew fashion trivia. ... Oh well I can learn :))

6. Couture Bowl's Drool Worthy Moment ~ I'd like to take a moment ... and drool, too.

7. The Budget Fashionista's blog on Beauty Advice: Where to find Insulated Cosmetic Bags ~ One of the greatest inventions ever! ... I was showing my co-worker (who is also a good friend of mine, Krystal) and she kept interrupting me. ... I was like "LOOK!" "ok ..." "It's a cosmetic bag ..." "Just what you need another one!" "No listen... that is insulated..." "THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED ONE!" Haha ... it was pretty funny ... but yeah so anyway I love it it's such a great idea!

8. Swish Style's blog on Fancy Feet ~ I think she's trying to kill me. ... I really do. ... I'm in love with them all. ... Especially the first one.

9. E-Stylist's blog on A Touch of Red ~ One of my favorite things ever is monotone outfits with a POP of color. ... I really like this one. ... Not completely perfect (I would have done different shoes and put the red somewhere other than the hand, as well ... a bracelet and a ring are just too
close together for me), but I would still love to steal the whole outfit. ... However, if you WOULD like perfection, check out her Forever 21 outfit. ... I'm in love with it ... and it's one of the cheapest she's done!

10. All of Frugal Fashionista's blogs ... I just reminded myself of how amazing they are. ... Absolutely amazing. ... Eeekkk!!!

And can I just say I *LOVE* Beauty Addict's rating/points system? It's wonderful!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's been a while...

So, I can't post at work anymore (*tear*) and I've been working at both jobs a LOT ... but here are a few updates...

Number 1: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Emma of The New Pink for the compliments about my blog. (They were e-mailed to me so you can't see them. ... So nah nah :-P ... Haha totally kidding. I'm in a weird mood.) Anyway, her blog is DEFINITELY going in my "Blogs I Love" section. You should check it out. ... Definitely worth a peeksie!

Number 2: I've been picking up TONS AND TONS of hours at Target ... Meaning I work 7 AM to about 11 PM ... Meaning when I don't work, I'm spending time with my friends ... Meaning less time online ... Meaning less updates ... Meaning ... I don't know. ... I just felt like saying "meaning" again ...

Number 3: Oh so important ... because it's what my blog is all about ... I GOT THEM ... 2 of the things I was DYING for ... That green handbag from Coach (This blog) and What I Like About You - The Complete First Season DVD (You don't need a link it was the one right before this and I'm lazy ... but here anyway because there are lazier people than me out there this blog)

That's all for now. ... I better go wash this mask off my face before it dries my skin out COMPLETELY. ...

Friday, May 4, 2007


I'm not really one to use slang or "text language" (you know, lol/ttyl/l8r ...) except an occasional "wtf?" or something ... but ...



WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU IS FINALLY ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I Like About You - The Complete First Season ~ $27.99 ~ Amazon.com

You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I hate flats ...

HATE them. ... I can't walk in them. ... Most people can't walk in heels. I can't walk in flats. ... I have to wear combat boots to work. ... No one can understand how I can trip over my own feet in them, but the only time I've ever tripped in my heels is when I stepped on a crack or when I was drunk or something. I can't explain it. That's just how it is. ... I walk on my toes naturally. ... If I don't have something to prop my feet up, they don't work right. I don't like the feeling of not being as tall as I can be. ... I don't like the way they make my body look ... I'd rather look as lean as I can. ... With the best posture. ... Flats don't help me there.

But, if I DID like them, these are the ones I would buy.

These are gorgeous. ...
Jeweled Skimmer ~ Manolo Blahnik ~ $630 ~ Neiman Marcus

LOVE these too
Print Ballerina Slipper ~ Moschino Giraffe ~ $290 ~ Neiman Marcus

These ... absolutely adorable!!!
Canopy flats ~ Rebels ~ $49.95 ~ Nordstrom

These are way too cute. ... And polka dotty!!!
Rapture flats ~ Joie ~ $195 ~ Nordstrom

*Squeels* ABSOLUTELY gorgeous ... I love these!!! I might actually have to buy these just because I love them that much ... even though they're flat!!! (Crazy, huh?) *NOTE* I just saw some heels with the wedge in the same pattern. I might buy those instead :)
Landys flats ~ Chinese Laundry ~ $59.95 ~ Nordstrom

These are gorgeous. ... They're sparkly and they have a bow on them!!!
Ob ballet flats ~ Apepazza ~ $109.95 ~ Nordstrom

I actually had these up on my computer and a friend of mine came over here and she was like "OH HOW CUTE!!!" ... Yup, I agree.
Saucy slingbacks ~ Cindy Says ~ $79.95 ~ Nordstrom

*LOVE* Christian Louboutin. ... These are cute.
Baladi lace flats ~ Christian Louboutin ~ $570 ~ Net-A-Porter

These are adorable. ... You know, Urban Outfitters had some of the cutest shoes I've seen so far. ... Love these, though.
Striped Ballet shoes ~ Dru NY Lauren ~ $125 ~ Urban Outfitters

These are SO CUTE haha ... I think I just noticed ... I'm kinda a fan of teal shoes haha
Kristen Peep-Toe Wedge ~ $29 ~ dELiAs

Perfection. ... Again, if I liked flats. ......
Bow-Tie Ballet Flats ~ Pedro Garcia ~ $350 ~ Saks Fifth Avenue

OK, I swear I'm done. ... Looking at all these flat shoes makes me want to stand on my toes. ... I don't know why ... my feet just feel cramped.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What to wear, what to wear???

So, I don't know if you've noticed (You know, the two people who I've shared this blog with so far)...

But the "Blogs I Love" list has grown ... and gone through a name change. ... I've been blog-surfing all day. ... Fun stuff :)

Alright, so my friend's birthday is tomorrow and we're going out to celebrate on Saturday. ... I don't know what to wear ... she's wearing a black dress with a teal bow ... It sounds really cute ... so what should I wear?

I'm definitely pretty broke, so I guess I could go with what I have already, but where's the fun in that?

Let's start with Wet Seal ...

This one's really cute. ... I like it...
Solid Trim Dress ~ $24.50 ~ Wet Seal

That's the only Wet Seal one I saw that I actually really liked that would look good on me. ... Hmmm... Let's Try Charlotte Russe ...

Now this one is adorable, but maybe a little more than I was planning on spending ... Also, we're going out for Mexican. ... I don't know if white is the best choice ...
Eyelet Dress ~ $39.99 ~ Charlotte Russe

Again, the only one I found that I liked that would look good on me ... GRRR...

Here are a couple from J.Crew ... The only problem with them? They're too expensive. ... I'm sad :(

This one ... is SO CUTE ... But yes, too expensive right now :(
Printed Halter Embossed Beach Dress ~ $118 ~ J.Crew

This one is adorable ... I can wear just about any of the colors ... It's just so cute ... but out of my price range (I'd rather be below $30 ...)
Halter Embossed Beach Dress ~ $98 ~ J.Crew

I'll be back later to look more, but right now, I'm not having much luck. ... This is upsetting :(